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Accounting Lessons From Beginner to Advanced | BuildYourNumbers.com

BuildYourNumbers.com offers training for all levels – from beginner to advanced – in two convenient formats: take-home text and online tutorial video. Learn more about our construction accounting and manufacturing program classes and discover our job-cost support products!

Accounting Lessons and Tutorials

Accounting LessonsIs your company losing out because the advanced features you need are buried somewhere in QuickBooks or Enterprise Solutions?  Take a closer look at our accounting lessons where you’ll learn how to structure your system, enter transactions, and create the reports that can make a REAL difference in your financial results!

Online QuickBooks Training

Subscription Program (CAMP)
When you become a member of our Construction Accounting & Manufacturing Program (CAMP) you get:

  • Full and immediate access to more than 90 individual workshops 
  • Plus:  Substantial discounts on QuickBooks, Enterprise, Intuit and Info Plus Accounting products.
  • Plus:  Private Q&A and coaching sessions (no additional charge) with your QuickBooks business advisor and instructor, Diane Gilson.  More info…

Qlean$tart® Accounting Solutions from Info Plus

eCPA-wTitle-200x200eCPA – employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer™

Convert Labor Burden to Profits!

Calculate regular and overtime labor burden and employee billing rates. Display actual, fully-burdened labor costs for each employee (per year, hour, or minute). Compute exactly what to charge to achieve your desired profit on labor costs!

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QuickBooks File Checkup & Action PlanComprehensive Check-Up & Action Plan™ for your QuickBooks Accounting System

Service: You’ll get your own individualized Results Report after we test your most critical job-cost and financial elements. We’ll then collaborate with you to provide an outline of how you can get your system back on track with a customized Action Plan.

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Percentage of Completion Calculations & EntriesPercentage of Completion Analyzer™

See True Job Profitability Throughout the Life of Your Longer-Term Contracts

Don’t rely on guesstimates from job-site supervisors! Instead, use this tool to perform background calculations and see the exact $ amounts and journal entries you need to make to accurately adjust income for long-term contracts.  (Includes detailed “Percentage of Completion” training and sample calculations.)

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Month-End Procedures

Accurate, On-Time Reports – Each and Every Month…

These month-end closing, proofing, and balancing procedures give you the tools you need to review, self-correct, and protect your monthly records and job-cost reports. This date-driven checklist will help you consistently meet those monthly reporting deadlines...

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AccountingPRO-2014-07-Refl CD-300x300AccountingPRO™  (QuickBooks file template for construction companies)

Put a Clean Start in your Cart!

Info Plus created AccountingPRO to meet the specific needs of the construction industry. This flexible, pre-built QuickBooks data file not only saves start up time, but is designed to help business owners (or their accountants) more easily and effectively access QuickBooks’ powerful industry-specific data collection, job-cost, and reporting features.

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Cost of ChaosThe Cost of Chaos™ Analyzer

“A little here, a little there… pretty soon you’re talking BIG money!”

Warning: Not for the faint-of-heart! Get the sober truth by using this tool to enter your company’s big-picture production and overhead costs. Next, you’ll see the dollar impact of your invisible profit leaks (based on your own estimates). Finally, decide for yourself: Could it be worthwhile to apply several small (but effective!) financial, operating, and accounting controls that could result in major improvements to your bottom line?

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CleanCutTimesheet-Eng+Spanish-195x230Cleancut Time$heets™ – English + Spanish
OR Cleancut Time$heets™ – English-only

Regardless of Language, Accurate Time Reporting = Better Job-Cost Reports

If you want to see employee job-costs, your first step is for employees to accurately record the time they spend on various jobs and tasks. We originally designed these time sheets for one of our construction clients with both English and Spanish-speaking employees. Over time, we’ve added more templates, features, and options. This set of Excel-based time sheet templates (construction terms included) provides varied layouts, helps to streamline data entry, and is easy to customize for your company.

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Discounts on QuickBooks, Enterprise, and Intuit ‘Plug-Ins’

Trust our years of experience to find the right fit for your business
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