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The Profit Booster

 Are you brave enough to uncover – and conquer – invisible profit leaks?

Profit BoosterTM

Estimate your invisible costs with this tool from Info Plus Accounting and discover the impact of lost income on your bottom line.

Do-it-Yourself:  Become your own profit-enhancement auditor and determine for yourself which financial controls can improve your company’s bottom line – and by how much!

 The Profit BoosterTM is not recommended
for the faint-of-heart business owner or accountant!

How The Profit BoosterTM Works:

  1. Enter your current results (it’s easyextract summary numbers from your tax return).
  2. Enter your responses in the Potential Improvements section.
  3. See the dollar impact and uncover the small (but critical!) changes that would improve your operating, accounting and profitability results.

When the Profit BoosterTM is used in live workshops, attendees provide their own numbers…

Typical results: Most companies could increase their bottom line
an average of $60,000-$100,000 per year
(even companies that gross $1 million or less!)

Added BONUS!  (free with The Profit Booster™).

Begin to enjoy your business again by rediscovering why you started on this journey in the first place.  See 56 life-enhancing (non-monetary) benefits that can result from improved internal operations, accounting controls, and profitability

Use these insights and information to convert your workplace into a well-oiled production engine that supports you, your family, and your employees while you simultaneously provide your customers with top-notch service.

Sample Screen Shots:

  1. Current or budgeted operations
  2. Cost reduction opportunities
  3. Profit enhancement opportunities
  4. Impact of profit enhancement opportunities
  5. 56 non-monetary benefits
  6. Instructions for the Booster


License valid for one company and one computer.


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Meet the Creator of the “Profit Booster™

Diane Gilson – QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

In addition to being an award winning Accountant and QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, Diane Gilson has taught, coached, and advised thousands of QuickBooks users in the construction industry.

In this program, Diane combines her 30+ years of accounting experience (including 15 years as a CPA) with her passion for job costing. Helping company owners, accountants and bookkeepers drive more profits through job-costing and better financial management has been the heart and soul of her business for more than 20 years.
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