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Labor Profit Tip #5: The Secret to Making Better Hiring Decisions

Labor Burden Information Tip #5: Make Better Hiring Decisions by Thoroughly Understanding Potential Additional Costs Bad hiring decisions can have a devastating effect on your bottom line, so you want as much objective data at your fingertips as possible before you hire. You can use labor burden calculation information as a starting point when it’s …

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Manufacturing Overhead: How to Calculate Labor Cost by Job

To calculate Manufacturing Overhead by Job, be sure to include these labor costs Manufacturing direct labor costs vs. manufacturing overhead labor:  what’s the difference?  And which should you include in your costing and pricing models? Direct production costs obviously include costs of inventory utilized, special-order materials, production facilities, high-dollar equipment usage, contracted services from outside …

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Calculating Labor Burden and Profits: An Example

Labor Burden Cost of Employees

If you’re struggling to understand and measure your Labor Burden and its effect on profit, these articles by Diane Gilson will teach you how to do it. Labor Burden & Profits – An Example What do your employees really cost? Let’s look at an example We’ll start with an employee (“Pat”), whose hourly compensation is …

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Labor Burden and Profits: The Connection l BuildYourNumbers.com

Computing Labor Burden Costs

If you’re struggling to understand or measure your labor burden and its effect on profit, let BuildYourNumbers.com help you with our accounting and job-cost tutorials. Labor Burden & Profits: What’s the Connection? Got employees? If so… What’s it cost to put them “into the field”? What should you be charging for their time? Should you avoid …

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Labor Burden & Profits – How Much Do My Employees Cost?

Labor Burden and Payroll Taxes

This article by BuildYourNumbers.com will teach you more about what you need to know about labor burden and its effect on profit. What exactly is Labor Burden? How Does it Impact My Business? “Do my employees really cost this much?” While you probably have a good handle on your employees’ hourly wage or salary costs, and …

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