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Entering Bills and Vendor Credits (2305/Level 1)

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Entering Bills & Vendor Credits:
“Just the basics, m’aam.”  (And there are quite a few!)

Approximately 65 minutes:

  1. Before starting this workshop you’ll likely want to take
    Entering, Printing & Controlling Checks (2300/Level 1) as it contains:

    • Best practices re: when to enter Bills vs. when to use Checks
    • Entering info into the bottom portion Bills, Checks & Credit Cards
    • Detailed insights regarding checks (styles, ordering, printing, safeguarding,
      check vouchers, signing & mailing, filing check support, etc.)
    • None of these topics covered in this workshop…
  2. Terminology list and brief explanations:
    • Bills vs. Invoices
    • Bill Credits
    • Item Receipts
    • Retainage payable
    • Bill Payments
    • “Paid” vs. “Unpaid” Bills
    • Accrued expenses
  3. Entering bills-the top portion:
    • 11 critical fields (options & insights)
  4. Additional considerations that apply to Bill entries:
  5. How to enter Vendor Credits
  6. How to enter prepayments to vendors
  7. What you should do after bills and credits have been entered into QuickBooks


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