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Meet the InfoPlus Accounting Team

Laura Bell – Chief Operating Officer

Laura worked for a number of years with large and small teams in a variety of computer programming roles. Then she learned how much fun it was to act as a customer advocate and improve the customer experience as she tested software to make it more usable and reliable. Along the way, she indulged in some of her other favorite activities which included mentoring and encouraging team members, and helping her extended team to become faster and more efficient by documenting new systems and procedures. All of these experiences allowed her to dive head first into her position as Chief Operating Officer at Info Plus Accounting, Inc where she is once again collaborating with her team to improve the client experience.

Laura is an avid reader – and detective novels are a great favorite. She and her husband John enjoy keeping in touch with their children and grandchildren, who live on opposite sides of the country.
Laura loves collaborating with the team, documenting how things work, and jumping in to investigate and solve problems. Laura enjoys working closely with the Info Plus Accounting CEO to define and implement plans and procedures to “get the job done”. She has a knack for learning about and then teaching her team about new ideas and tools to help them deliver consistent and reliable service to the company’s clients.
Marie Keast – Office Manager

Marie has been a dedicated employee to InfoPlus Accounting for countless years and has over twenty-five years of experience in Retail Sales. She’s Diane’s “right-hand gal” and handles a majority of initial client onboarding as well as Intuit product sales for the company.
In her free time, Marie enjoys spending time with her husband and 4-legged doggie daughter, Loongy. When they aren’t keeping her busy, Marie likes to read, do puzzles, and go to their cabin in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. When she’s not up north, she also enjoys spending time volunteering at her church.
Since Marie works with a lot of the company’s clients, she especially prides herself on customer satisfaction. She strives to continuously keep clients happy and always has a positive attitude no matter the situation.
Shannon Goldyn – Advanced Proadvisor & Marketing Manager

Shannon has been with InfoPlus Accounting since the beginning of 2017. Since starting, she has been able to obtain her Advanced QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor Certification and work in various systems that integrate with QuickBooks including CoConstruct, BuilderTrend, and TSheets. Not only does Shannon work with clients, she also helps manage the marketing side of the business as well.

While not at work, Shannon is kept very busy with her three young children. She enjoys spending time with her husband and kids in her free time especially if it involves a craft or science related activity.

Raquel Oberg – Office Assistant

Raquel has worked for multiple years as a Restaurant Manager and Housekeeping Lead. She joined the InfoPlus Accounting team in 2017 and has been an integral part in the “behind the scenes” work required to run the business ever since. She enjoys collaborating with her team and is always willing to step up to help in any way possible.

Raquel loves spending time with her family and pets, Thumper the rabbit and Digger the hamster, in her free time. She loves reading about parenting, autism, and enjoys thriller fictions. Her favorite pastimes are camping, bowling, watching hockey and football, and jamming to her favorite tunes with her family. Raquel’s greatest inspirations in her life are her grandmother, mother, and son, Hayden.

At work, Raquel thrives in a busy environment and has the ability to remain calm, collected and oversee a job until it’s complete.  She’s incredibly polite and patient to everyone she encounters. She loves to learn new things and has a knack for being able up on new technology after a short time of working with it.

Jack & Nicky – Official Office Mascots