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Set a time to talk to, or work directly with, Diane Gilson…*

Wondering if Info Plus Accounting can help?

Day or night, you can click on one of the following links to coordinate a time to speak with us! Please choose from the following:.

  • 30-minute Free Initial Consult or Product Demo:
    Tell us a bit about your company and what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll answer questions about QuickBooks capabilities, and how you can use it to improve management reporting and company profitability. If Info Plus products or services can help you to save money or reach your goals, we’ll share how; if not, we’ll help you find a resource that lines up more closely with your needs…
  • 45-minute Free Initial Consult or Enterprise Solutions Demo:
    Do you have a complex management accounting issue to address? Are you thinking about stepping up to Enterprise Solutions?  We will take the time to discuss your situation and questions, and share insights and ideas…

For our current clients…

Just click on one of the following links to choose your appointment time. You’ll receive follow-up information and, for your meeting, we will use a secure ‘GoToMeeting’ link so that we can work directly in your file (payment due at conclusion of appointment). Please choose from the following:

* NOTE: If none of the dates displayed work for you, please call the office (734-544-7620, 9-5 Eastern), and we’ll see if we can perform some creative scheduling!