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How to Locate and Charge for Lost or Invisible Costs

Here’s the podcast:

  • If you DON’T job-cost, it’s easy to miss various Time and Materials (T&M) costs that accumulate on a job.
  • Even when you charge a fixed price for your projects, you may very well encounter Change Orders as a job progresses.
  • If you’re job costing, many software programs (such as QuickBooks desktop) will help you easily convert job costs into Invoices.
  • If you fail to invoice your customer because you don’t see the costs related to each job, you’re losing:
    • The out-of-pocket costs for the related materials or labor, as well as
    • Your accompanying mark up.
  • Missed invoicing means that you (and your family) are making costly gifts to your customers!
  • When you can invoice based on accurate information, you’ll earn more WITHOUT SELLING MORE, HIRING MORE PEOPLE, OR WORKING HARDER!

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