Financial SuperPowers for Builders, Remodelers & Contractors

How to Understand & Run Your Construction Business "By the Numbers"

I'm Diane Gilson, and I've created this program based on my 24 years of in-the-trenches experience helping builders, remodelers and contractors run their businesses more profitably.

I've designed this "big-picture" series specifically to meet the needs of super-busy construction professionals who don't have an accounting background, but want a simple way to understand the financial side of their business.

I look forward to seeing you in our program soon.

Designed For Busy Construction Managers & Owners!

Your Program Includes

Three half-hour "big-picture" videos per month
(1.5 hours per month, 12 topics in total)
Watch on your computer, laptop, or tablet - OR listen on your phone as you drive between jobs or work out.

Access to your online portal
(Available to all members of your team)
Includes your training videos, audio files, downloads and other resources. From your portal you can also access recordings of the monthly coaching and Q&A sessions. 

Two live, interactive Q&A and coaching sessions each month with me (Diane Gilson)
(Attend one or both as desired, or access recordings - 8 total)
After a quick review of the "topics of the month", we'll open the lines for inquiries, discussion, and best practice ideas. This is the place to find out what your construction pro peers are up to - and what they have to say! 

My personal recommendations:
>  Stellar business books.
>  Software you shouldn't be without. 

What You'll Learn Each Month...

During Month 1, Diane answers these questions...

1 - Profit Leaks
Exactly What Are They Costing You & Your Company?

>  How do my results compare against what they SHOULD BE?
>  What's causing my profits to always be lower than I expect?
>  What's the ONE SuperPower step I can take that will have the biggest positive impact on my bottom line?

I will provide a tool where you can see exactly how much you could potentially add to YOUR bottom line by making just a few internal changes. (Hint: it often turns out to be 15% or more of your current gross income!)

We will work on completing these, together, during our LIVE meetings and (volunteers) will share results.

2 - The Powerful Profit & Loss Report
How to Create Understandable, Useful, Information

>  How should our accounts be organized?
How, and how often, should our Profit & Loss Statements be prepared?
What kinds of analysis can we do, and what actions should we take after we review our Profit & Loss Statements?

3 - Job Cost Reporting
Which of These Choices Provides the Best "Fuel" for Your Company?

>  What's job-costing?
Is it worth the extra effort required to perform job-costing?
What are the best three methods to use to perform job-cost reporting - and what are the pros and cons of each method?

I will share: Two important (but commonly missed) costs – that can distort your job-cost reports...

*Each recorded topic is approximately 30 minutes.
You are also inviteded to participate in up to two live, 90-minute coaching and Q&A sessions each month. (Recordings available.)

During Month 2, Diane provides answers to your questions about...

4 - Targeting Gross Profits
The Power of Accurate Estimating, Successful Pricing, and Managing Job Costs

>  What's the difference between markup and margin - and why do I care?
>  How do I know what price to charge for each job?
>  What are the common ways other construction companies price their jobs? (+ How to choose what works best for you.)

5 - Employees
Determining Direct Job Costs, Computing Labor Burden, Setting Profitable Labor Rates

>  What's the best way to set up my payroll if I want to do job-costing?
>  How do I determine the rates I should charge for my employees?
>  How do I calculate Labor Burden?

6 - Conquering & Improving Cash-Flow
77 Cash-Flow Enhancement Techniques - Your Checklist To Success

>  How do I increase cash flow?
>  How do I speed up cash flow?

>  How do I decrease costs and slow down cash outflows?

*Each recorded topic is approximately 30 minutes.
You are also inviteded to participate in up to two live, 90-minute coaching and Q&A sessions each month. (Recordings available.)

During Month 3, you'll get answers to the following...

7 - Getting Control of Your Financials
Extracting High-Impact Insights From Your Job-Cost & Management Reports.

>  What are the most important reports I should be looking at?
>  How often should I be looking at those reports?
>  What actions should I take after I see my reports?

8 - Eradicating the Gross Profit Roller Coaster
aka the "Income-last-month, Loss-this-month. Nobody-knows-where-we-stand!" problem.

>  How, and when, should I being Invoicing?
>  How do I gain more control over my monthly gross profit results?
>  How can I see how much I've actually earned each month?

9 - The "Ebb & Flow" of your Balance Sheet
How it Interacts With & Impacts Your Profit & Loss report.

>  What am I supposed to look at in (or do with) my Balance Sheet?
>  What types of transactions go into which accounts?
>  Can someone commit fraud by making entries into my Balance Sheet?

*Each recorded topic is approximately 30 minutes.
You are also inviteded to participate in up to two live, 90-minute coaching and Q&A sessions each month. (Recordings available.)

During Month 4, Diane will share answers to the following questions...

10 - The Financial Punchlist
How to Achieve Accurate, On-Time Reports

>  Why do we need to perform month-end procedures?
>  What's the best way to get month-end procedures completed?
>  Who should perform month-end procedures?

11 - Put More Power Into Your Purchasing
Purchase Order Techniques to Add Speed, Accuracy and Control to Your Jobs

>  Will Purchase Orders actually improve my profitability?
>  What's the best way to handle Purchase Orders?
>  How much time should I spend on Purchase Orders?

12 - Vaporize Your Profitability Gremlins!
How to Ensure the Right Things Happen (and the Wrong Things Don't) With These Financial Insights & Controls

>  Why is my net income AMOUNT lower than I think it should be?
>  Why are my Gross Profit AMOUNTS lower than I think they should be?
>  Why are my Gross Profit PERCENTAGES lower than I think they should be?
>  What are "financial controls" - and why should I care?

*Each recorded topic is approximately 30 minutes.
You are also inviteded to participate in up to two live, 90-minute coaching and Q&A sessions each month. (Recordings available.)

Meet your instructor:

Diane Gilson - President Info Plus Accounting

In addition to being an award winning Accountant and QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, Diane Gilson has taught, coached, and consulted with thousands of QuickBooks users in the construction industry.

In this program, Diane combines her 30+ years of accounting experience (including 15 years as a CPA) with her passion for job costing. Helping construction company owners, accountants and bookkeepers drive more profits through better financial management has been the heart and soul of her business for more than 20 years.


"The good news is... You don't need to be an accountant
to understand, and use, your  numbers to grow your business!" 


What People Are Saying About Diane Gilson...

“Diane’s knowledge of QuickBooks is amazing. I don’t profess to have an in-depth understanding of QuickBooks but when I talk with Diane, I quickly realize I don’t even scratch the surface. She has the ability & experience to quickly cut to the chase on fixing issues or setting up reports, estimates, items, lists, etc. Highly recommend her.”

Jay Scott,
Scott Homes Inc

“Diane is very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us restructure our accounting system to be what it should be. Great experience... Diane definitely knows all facets of accounting, QuickBooks, the construction business and much more. Definitely a great resource to have.”

Steve Kuenkel
Justin Doyle Homes

“My books were a mess. I couldn’t get any valuable or correct information out of them and I was trying to manage more ‘by the numbers’… I needed help.

Info Plus Accounting’s Month-End Closing Procedures have been critical because they let me know I’m in control of what’s happening in my books. I catch a lot of things as I go through them, so it gives me a level of comfort to know that I can find and fix any problems.”

Catherine Baldi
Principal & Company Manager, Arana Craftsman Painters

"When you're competing on's like a nail in your coffin every time! I need to know my numbers so I can sell my price. I need to be able to gather the data from other jobs so that if I DON'T do well on a job, I'll know where I did it wrong − and I can correct those mistakes moving forward ..."

Simon Ackerman, President
Architectural Builders of Hampstead

"Info Plus Accounting and Diane Gilson run an outstanding consulting operation for construction companies. We've been working with Diane and Info Plus for the past nine months, and in that short time they have guided us thru QuickBooks upgrades, accounting and so many operational improvements that it's hard to imagine what we did without them."

David Roberts
Roberts Architects Ltd & Roberts Construction

"It is always a pleasure to work with Diane. Custom tailoring our accounting systems to our business has made a real difference in our numbers and efficiency. Only way this could be much better is if it was free!”

Audie Herpel
Basin Electrical Contractors, LLC

Attend or Listen to
Your Financial SuperPowers Program
at Your Convenience

Each month, you'll receive access to three recorded topics (as shown above).

Then, two-to-three weeks later, you'll be invited to sit in on up to TWO, live, interactive coaching sessions each month. These sessions are designed to: 

1 - Provide you with a very brief recap of materials from each of the three monthly topics.

2 - More importantly, you'll be able to ask questions and engage with other participants.

We encourage you to attend and participate in these live sessions BUT, if you have to miss any, each will be recorded and available in your portal so that you can easily access the information later.

You can watch, re-watch, or listen to individual topics and discussions whenever you want.

You get to decide what you want, and when you want it!

Other business owners have paid many thousands of dollars to learn and ultimately implement, via one-to-one coaching, what Diane is providing in this program.

Don't wait to discover how these powerful strategies can help your business!



You Receive More Than $2,000 of
Additional SUPERPOWER Business Tools!

  • 4 Months of Construction Accounting & Management Program (CAMP)
    In-depth QuickBooks job-cost training and monthly Q&A - for your bookkeeping staff.
    (value -  $788)
  • eCPA - employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer
    Convert your labor costs and burden into profits! Easy entry reveals regular and overtime labor burden and employee billing rates. Display actual, fully-burdened labor costs for each employee (per year, hour, and minute). See exactly what you need to charge to achieve your desired profit on labor costs!
    (value - $497)
  • Percentage of Completion Analyzer
    Learn what you need to do, and see the calculations and entries to make that will finally let you level out that monthly income/loss roller coaster.
    (value - $247)
  • Month-End Closing Procedures
    Accurate, On-Time Reports – Each and Every Month! These month-end closing, proofing, and balancing procedures give you the tools you need to review, self-correct, and protect your monthly records and job-cost reports.

    (value - $497)
  • Cost of Chaos Analyzer
    Use this tool to enter your company’s big-picture production and overhead costs. Next, you’ll be able to estimate the dollar impact of your invisible profit leaks. Finally, decide where to apply these proven financial and operating controls designed to create major improvements to your bottom line.
    (value - $197)
  • Deep discounts on QuickBooks software and services
    (35% minimum discount on Pro & Premier Desktop, 20% lifetime on Enterprise)
    (value - priceless!)

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