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FAQs: Individual QuickBooks Training Workshops & the CAMP Subscription

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Learn construction accounting and management through webinars

Who has the time (or money!) to leave town to attend one, two or three days of training at a time? At best, you can do this only once or twice a year, right? Instead, recent changes in technology allow you to tap into specialty seminars that we can offer via the Internet. This means that you can attend seminars in shorter, focused segments throughout the year.

Instead of getting overloaded with mind-numbing amounts of information that go into a notebook and get placed on a dusty shelf, you can learn on your own schedule, at your own pace. And then you can apply what you picked up – right away – on your home turf!

The presentation takes place right in front of you – from the comfort of your home or office, and with a clearly visible screen (no more straining to read tiny type from fuzzy projectors!)

If you’re a CAMP subscriber you’ll also receive notices of new workshops prepared specifically for you. You then see, on your computer screen, what the presenter is covering (using PowerPoint, QuickBooks, Excel, etc.). You listen via phone or headset. You’ll also be able to set a time to speak with Diane Gilson each month, in person, so you can privately ask any questions that you may have about topics covered in any of the workshops – or you may prefer to inquire about any issue specific to your unique situation.

As long as you have access to the Internet, you will be able to attend workshops.  Please note, however, that the Mac versions of QuickBooks differ significantly from the PC versions that we will be using for presentations.  We believe, however, that you will still learn a great deal about construction and manufacturing accounting concepts, requirements, and financial management even if you use the QuickBooks Mac version.

Everyone was a beginner in everything at some point! Beginnings are a wonderful place to be because you bring an open and inquiring mind to the session. We’ll present information at a pace that allows you to absorb new information and concepts while still making steady progress. And best of all…you’re never alone. If you’re a CAMP subscriber we include live personal monthly business advising and coaching sessions to answer questions that you send in during the month or that you want to share during the appointment.

Have you been using QuickBooks for a long time? If so, you’ll find that Diane shares new and innovative ways to access features that you may have never explored, and that will help you to achieve mastery of this powerful package. Diane’s been working in QuickBooks for more than 17 years and continues to learn new techniques, shortcuts, and workarounds on a regular basis. So you’ll find a variety of thought-provoking tips, techniques, workarounds, and advanced materials to keep you engaged.

Job Cost Accounting for Manufacturing or Service Companies
Identical Techniques Apply to Job Cost Accounting for Job-Shop Manufacturing or Service Companies

Yes, indeed. Although these seminars use many construction industry examples, the same principles and techniques apply to any companies who want to create job-cost reports and more useful management accounting information. The QuickBooks methodologies and concepts that Diane presents are nearly identical for job-shop manufacturing and service firms who want to track and understand job profitability (e.g., job costing, labor allocation, process-tracking, income recognition, and profit-enhancement practices).

You should be able to easily apply the construction-based concepts and examples to your specific needs.

(Note: Construction accounting is one of the more complex accounting arenas, so it’s likely that you will be exposed to most of what you need if you’re looking to implement QuickBooks or Enterprise in nearly any industry – especially if you need to do job-costing.)

The times for individual sessions are noted with each class.

If you have Internet connection difficulties, just wait until your Internet is acting in a normal fashion and go back to the workshop link. If you’re interrupted, simply click on the pause button and resume at will. Regarding access to the workshops:

  • If you purchased an individual class, you should be able to access it for at least a full year following purchase (in fact, we have no plans to terminate access to individually purchased workshops).
  • As a CAMP subscriber, you’ll be able to view and/or revisit all of the workshops until you terminate your membership.

We actively encourage your questions. You’ll also be able to set a time to speak with Diane Gilson each month, in person, so you can privately ask any questions that you may have about topics covered in any of the workshops – or you may want to inquire about any issue specific to your unique situation.

Live coaching sessions are designed to answer workshop questions or to address “extra’s” that you may encounter in your day-to-day accounting work.

If your circumstances are critical or require more in-depth exploration, Diane is also available on a business advisory/fee basis to discuss how you can go about resolving a wide variety of accounting and/or financial management issues.

Unlike a college or university with defined semesters, this subscription-style series is intended to be available to you on an ongoing basis. There are many layers and levels of information and knowledge that continue to evolve, and certain topics generate requests for even more in-depth sessions. Your involvement and desire to learn new skills, and acquire advancing levels of expertise, will be entirely up to you…

More than 90 workshops are currently available to CAMP subscribers, and we continue to add additional unique content as we move forward. As you’ll likely realize when you begin to attend the recorded workshops, many are based on live sessions – while others are independently recorded.

We suggest that you view this a library of content. Even if you’ve previously watched a workshop, you may still get valuable insights the second time around. Why? Because we present lots of information and many ideas in each seminar. When re-visiting this kind of information it’s not unusual to pick up a variety of new material that you either overlooked the first time around or was not initially applicable – but as you grow in your knowledge – now makes sense to implement.

Various members of your team can benefit from online accounting classesYes, this program is designed so that it can be shared by various individuals within one company. For instance, an experienced bookkeeper may choose to attend the ‘Advanced’ workshops, and some of the ‘Basic’ and ‘Owner-Manager’ sessions, but ask a new Accounts Payable Clerk to attend just some of the ‘Basic’ classes. The company owner and project managers may want to sit in on a variety of the workshops, depending upon their interest in a particular topic.

Anyone in the company, depending upon their interest and/or needs can attend any of the courses shown as being available through the subscription program.

(Please note that purchased workshops or subscriptions may NOT be used or shared by more than one company, nor are workshops or subscriptions licensed to be used for group presentation or broadcast. It is illegal to do so.)

Handouts and other class materials are provided in PDF format. If you purchase an individual workshop, you’ll receive a document with a link to the handout, or if you are a subscriber membership site. Of course, you’re encouraged to use the handouts to take notes, because the process of note-taking helps to reinforce what you’re learning.

NARI (the National Association of the Remodeling Industry) has approved our classes for their Continuing Education Units. Credits are granted as .1 unit per 50-minutes of presentation time. Note: Presentation sessions include all financial management, accounting, and marketing seminars; it does not include coaching or showcase.

At this time, no certification programs (other than the Continuing Education Credits discussed above) have been established for this program.

Diane Gilson

Diane Gilson is currently the primary instructor and/or discussion leader. Our ‘Showcase’ workshops include other presenters so that we continually add to our mix of viewpoints and topics. If you know of someone that you’d like to see included – let us know!

No… We’ve designed this to be an affordable monthly subscription-style membership that can be discontinued at any time. We may offer quarterly and annual memberships in the future, but those options have not yet been implemented. (When you begin your subscription program you’ll provide a credit card, and it will be charged on a monthly basis until you choose to cancel access to the membership site.)

No. You can choose to attend (or not attend) any of the workshops that you choose. We’ve included an overview of the job-costing capabilities included in the payroll module of QuickBooks, as we believe that it’s to your benefit to have a basic understanding of what can be done with the timekeeping and payroll modules.

As with any ‘subscription’, you’re likely to prefer or be able to use, some resources or topics more readily than others. We still suggest that you attend all of the sessions to which you are entitled, as it’s not unusual to discover various other tips, techniques, or workarounds that will assist you in other areas of your accounting or financial management functions. Also, something may appear to not apply today, but may be useful to learn about, consider and/or implement in the future.

You can cancel your subscription through your subscription site. OR you can send us a cancellation notice via the ‘Contact Us’ page. Upon cancellation, your credit card will no longer be charged the next month’s fee and access to the membership site will no longer be available.

Absolutely!  We offer a 2-month “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.  (Well, if you decide to discontinue, we would appreciate your feedback, but it’s certainly not required [smile]).  We want to provide you with an exceptional experience, and if we’re just not the “right fit” for you, then we totally understand.

But you won’t know until you try it out – so that’s why we’re offering this “TWO-MONTH, RISK-FREE, MONEY-BACK, GUARANTEE”!  (That kind of rhymes, doesn’t it?)

We look forward to having you give us a try!

2-Month, Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

Please call us (toll-free) at 866-244-2228 (9-5 Mon-Fri EST).
Or go to the Contact Page and write us an e-mail.
We’ll answer you personally, and if it’s a great question, we’ll add it to this page!