1: Increase Your Profits With Job-Costing 

2: The Myth vs. The TRUTH...

3: FAQs About Job-Costing

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3: FAQ's About Creating a Job-Costing System

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(This video series was created immediately PRIOR to the pandemic, so please overlook any portions of the content that may not reflect current conditions.)

I’m super-excited that you were able to access and watch this limited-availability video! And right now, I’d like to know a little more about you:
    • What does being able to achieve greater control and profitability in your business mean to YOU?
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Q&A's – You can "follow the dots" in the video

  1. “I don’t like working with numbers… My friends have even accused me of being “Number-phobic. Is there hope for me when it comes to job-costing?”
  2. “Accounting seems like such a BO-RING topic! Is there any way to get past my feeling that accounting is boring?”
  3. “My in-house bookkeeper (or partner) is likely the person who will need to learn how to do job-costing – and he/she absolutely HATES change! How do I get him or her to ‘buy in’ to learning a new way of doing things?”
  4. “Whenever I meet with my accountant, it seems as though he (or she) is speaking a different language. Quite often, I have no idea what they’re talking about! If I implement job-costing, will I learn enough to be able to have a meaningful conversation with him/her?” 
  5. “I’ve been wondering; how will my accountant react if I implement a job-costing system that they haven’t created themselves?”
  6. “I have a tendency to want to learn EVERYTHING about a topic before getting started. How would this work for me?”
  7. “My company is fairly small. Should I set up a job-costing system at this point, or should I wait until my company is larger?”
  8. “My company is fairly large (e.g., $5 – $10 – $30 million); will job-costing work for bigger companies, like mine?”
  9. “Can I use job-costing for a manufacturing company?  Or a service business, or a wholesale company?”
  10. “I’m already profitable. Will I really get more value by seeing job-cost info?”
  11. “We’re already doing job-costing at a basic level. Shouldn’t that be enough?
  12. “Is it possible for those of us who are in the “baby-boomer generation” to learn and use job-costing? Are we just too old to change?”
  13. “I’m planning to retire in a few years. Why would I want to learn job-costing at this stage?
  14. How long will it take to put a job-costing system in place?”
  15. “I don’t use any accounting system – just spreadsheets and a box to hold receipts. Why should I bother with using an accounting software system like QuickBooks®?”
  16. “I’m so tied up with field and sales work that I don’t have TIME to spend on this! Isn’t my time better spent supervising current work?  Or selling more jobs?”
  17. “Will job-costing work in accounting packages other than QuickBooks®?”
  18. “Can I do Job-Costing in QuickBooks® Online (aka “QBO”)?”
  19. “Why can’t my accountant do this (job-costing) for me?”
  20. “I need a bookkeeper. Do you do job-cost bookkeeping?”
  21. “Why don’t I just hire someone like you to set up my system?”
  22. “Why don’t I just hire YOU to set up my system?”
  23. “Can my office manager or spouse learn how to do job-costing?”
  24. “What are the steps I’d follow to set up a job-costing system?”
  25. “Do those steps need to be done in a specific order?”
  26. “What kinds of changes would I expect to see in my BUSINESS life when I have job-costing and management control systems in place?”
  27. “What kinds of changes would I expect to see in my PERSONAL life when I’m able to run a more profitable business?”